Peace Reflection,
My story started in Bedstuy Brooklyn, New York. My close tribe growing up has been my Mother, Yolanda Hayes, twin brother, Tarik Moore and my uncle Serhan Hayes. My brother and I were raised vegetarians, taught about Holistic sciences, sovereignty laws and how to be a free thinker by our advanced scientist Mother. My Mother transcended the earthly realm on December 10,2021. I am forever thankful for her teaching me as a young girl what I needed to be who I am today.

Iridology Training:
I started training to become an Iridologist in 2017 after my Mother shared her experience with an Iridologist. She has severe pains on her right abdomen area. Medical doctors could not figure out what was wrong. Her Mother, my grandmother, Dora Hayes encouraged her to see an Iridologist. After the Iridologist looked at her iris for just 2 minutes, he detected she was having a gallstone attack! He can see her gallbladder and liver needed assistance. He gave her an herbal remedy and other protocols to pass the stones and 3 days later, she did. The pain was gone. Her gallbladder was saved. (look up gallbladder surgeries statistics done per year!) I knew immediately this was my calling.

I graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health in June of 2018. I received my Board Certification from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners in September of 2020. I also hold another certification from the International Circle of Masters Naturopathic Institute dated November of 2020.

I am also a Martial Artist, ranking 4th degree Black Belt in the Scientific Martial Arts International Association under the tutelage of Grandmaster Dr. Dan Mc EADDY, Founder of the "Angelic System". I received my certification as an Non-denominational International Ordained Minister from the Angelic Annointed Ministries.

Spiritual Training
I started my Spiritual training in 2018 with my teacher. It started as receiving spiritual counseling to help me through turbulent times I was experiencing in my life. After 4 years of learning from my teacher, it was time for me to graduate to my next level as a Priestess. I began merging my Iridology and Spiritual training as one, as the individual that comes to me needs to be restored spiritually and emotionally FIRST.

I meet my clients where they are in the present moment. Getting your health in Supreme alignment is more than just the foods you are eating. We have to get to the root as to why you are eating these foods. You have been trained since birth to coddle your traumatic pains with foods. This subconscious mind training detaches the individual from their spirit. You have been operating outside of the cellf, replaying your traumatic experiences stored and trapped in the Mind. To heal any dis-ease, WE MUST TRAIN THE MIND TO FOLLOW A NEW PROGRAM THAT SERVES YOUR HIGHEST CELLF. This is the core of my teaching: REPROGRAM, EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION TO CREATE FLOW AND ABUNDANCE. Allow yourself to feel what you have concealed, so you can move forward with innerstanding. All dis-ease manifested in the avatar is a result of concealment and stagnation of waste. The internal waste is a direct causation of the waste concealed in your MIND.

Thank you for reading my story. Now, it is time to discover your own.